Emails: Communication Breakdown

We had a conversation problem. We at Warby Parker think of the Home Try-On email series as a conversation between our customers and us. Although, when we recently took a step back and examined how we were doing, we realized our conversation wasn’t going so well. We weren’t listening. By filling up a Home Try-On box, each customer … Read More >


  Like all good Tech Ops teams, we at Warby Parker are fanatical about monitoring. We utilize a number of tools to monitor the full stack; from Nagios for our server infrastructure to Keynote for real user perspective on our page load speeds (and lots more in between)—all integrated with PagerDuty and our on-call rotation. … Read More >

The First Annual Annual Report Report

The Annual Report is one of the most visible projects we produce at Warby Parker. There are months of work, dozens of people involved, and technical challenges from start to finish. The launch is also historically our highest-traffic day of the year and drives the desire to deliver something even better the following year. That’s … Read More >

One Store, Four Networks

Our move into brick-and-mortar stores brought many challenges, including creating a retail experience that is on brand and leveraging technology to create this experience. In pursuit of this goal, we had numerous, seemingly disparate network needs: those of employees, POS systems, vendor equipment, and public guest access. Each one of these also had separate requirements to … Read More >

Gapers’ Block

Our team is no stranger to middle-of-the-night alerts (thanks to PagerDuty). However, these automated knock-knocks are isolated to our escalation plan—so only specified team members get the call. It’s a different story during the work day, when an outage is so visible that everyone in the company wants a status update. An outage during the day … Read More >

Next Stop, Exam Board

Taking visual—and structural—cues from libraries and train stations, Warby Parker’s flagship retail store encompasses both a sales floor and a public gathering space. From the start, we wanted to create a memorable centerpiece resonant of these most iconic arenas—a keystone design aspect that would be critical to the aesthetic and function of the store. Our eye … Read More >

From Back-End to Board: Integrating Our Exam Booking System

78% of people who take an eye exam in a retail context buy glasses immediately afterwards. Given such a powerful statistic, we felt it imperative to offer eye tests at Greene Street, our first retail store. First up? An exam booking system that integrated the booking page on our site with a highly-customized display board … Read More >

10,000 Years Your Architecture

Warby Parker is growing. Quickly. We have explosions of traffic from press (~35x the amount of people were on concurrently vs. the norm, thanks to a 60 Minutes mention) and spikes of sales from production collection launches (Ghostly was awesome, sold out in two days). When we set a company objective to “build scalable infrastructure,” we … Read More >

Hacking a Hackathon

Warby Parker recently held its first internal hackathon (our first ever was last year for The event was a huge success, but because most of us are novices in hackathons (both as participants and organizers), we faced a lot of questions in planning, and how we overcame them. 1. How do we balance the … Read More >


I learned very early at Warby Parker that our Customer Experience (CX) team spent quite a bit of time on work that could be automated, rather than interacting with customers. Typically, QA engineers do not concern themselves with business inefficiencies, but from the get-go my supervisor made it clear that we operate with an “Engineering … Read More >